Coming up for air!

The Bath Holiday Company

It seems a little quieter in Bath today; a beautiful sunny day that feels more like Spring than the advancing Autumn. Many schools have gone back and like lots of parents out there, we at the office have started to come up for air!

The summer was SO busy & as usual, ours flew by in a haze of happy guests & sunshine through the windows. Bath was packed to the rafters as the summer sun heated up the streets and people from all over the world enjoyed our hot & happy city. We even managed to get a little bit of sun ourselves this year as we were blessed with so much of it. A great and busy Summer!

Whilst mainly looking after our guests over the school holidays, we have also taken on more beautiful properties, giving everyone even more choice & variety. Watch our website as it grows & come and stay. Again, like the parents out there, we’re extremely proud of our lovely new additions and want to show them off!

So whilst we’re quite grateful for the on-set of the colder weather & a little cool down, guests are now thinking about Christmas already, (oh good grief, did I say that word out loud?!). And between now and Christmas is definitely the best time of the year to visit Bath. It’s cooler, it’s relaxed, it’s cosy – we like that! Come and see the sights without being stifled, cosy up in the calm, bring your friends (or don’t!) and we hope to see you very soon!